Behind the Scenes! What It's Really Like to Own a Boutique

Posted by Tanya Matthews on

I woke up this morning, and before I rolled over to look outside, I was 100 percent motivated! “I’m gonna get up and go for a run and eat a healthy breakfast and get to work creating a lunch break video and getting everything in place for our “Last Chance” sale on Sunday and (insert lots of other productive business tasks here)!”

And then I rolled over.

Snow. Snow??! SNOW. IN APRIL. #$%@^%#.

Now I’m eating oreos, scrolling Facebook and trying to decide if 11am is too early for wine. I have oreo crumbs in my teeth and all over my quarantine outfit (pink bathrobe, blue sweater, red socks and a teal CC beanie) and feel like I’ve gained 10 pounds already today. I’m dreading putting on real clothes and recording the lunch break video, so I’m being super professional and putting it off and writing this blog post instead, because I didn’t do it yesterday like I was supposed to. I have about two oreos left before I just say eff it and call the whole thing off and get back in bed and finish my chick lit novel.

Have I ever mentioned I’m not super great at being self-employed?

There is no point to this. I just wanted to document my morning so someday when I'm super famous and am asked to tell others how to succeed at growing their businesses, I'll have something to refer to....

Virtual XOXO,



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