News. Adjectives Aside, We Have News.

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How are you? I’m over here feeling meh and confused and grateful and anxious. So, nothing new from last year (a.k.a. six days ago). We were supposed to be announcing some EXCITING news today, but it doesn’t feel so exciting right now. It actually feels sad and scary and is contributing to my overall anxiety. Which is why I’m writing about it instead of talking about it on a live video with you all. Nobody wants to see me ugly cry.

Tomorrow was going to mark the day of us expanding the brick and mortar side of our business. We had a lease in place on a new space in Czech Village (in between Moss and Aces & Eights). The space is absolutely beautiful, and just about perfect for “Frolics Village Boutique”, which we planned to open in addition to having our “Frolics Neighborhood Boutique” inside NewBo City Market. It has an office in the back and plenty of warehouse space so that we could move operations out of our basement!!! Yes, that warrants three exclamation points.

The retail floor alone is over two times the size of our NewBo space, and we have an almost-too-perfect-there-is-no-way-it-will-turn-out-like-that vision of what the space will look like! If it even comes close to our vision, it’s going to be beautiful. Like, amazingly amazing. We’re planning to keep our current branding and aesthetics, but also bring in some of the vibe from the Czech Village community to make it its own space.

That said, we recently decided to push the lease date out to June 1st.

Fortunately, we were able to do so. The awesome and empathetic owner was willing to work with us given the circumstances. We were able to get a much-needed extension because we can’t afford to take on the added expense right now and have no idea when we would be able to open our doors.

Unfortunately, we had to do this. And it sucks because we were SO. DAMN. EXCITED. What was supposed to be an adventure that dreams are made of, is now an adventure that we’re going to be lucky to pull off. We are extremely blessed to have a loyal and supportive customer base, and with that as our foundation, I feel confident we can still do this. But (and this is pretty profound so you might want to take notes), we can’t control what we can’t control.

Hopefully this turns out to be just a minor blip in our plans, and everything comes together once June rolls around in 200 days. I know things could be worse and I’m so thankful our doors are still (figuratively) open right now. As I said earlier, nothing is new from last week, and I’m still chalk full of love and gratitude for all of you. I hope you Frolicers are staying safe, and physically and emotionally healthy! It may not feel like it very often, but we got this.

Virtual XOXO,



  • We are behind you 💯 when ever it happens. I’m glad you’re safe and sound. That’s what is important. You got this ♥️♥️ Love you 😘

    Terry Myers on

  • Brick and mortar space is still exciting news!! This to shall pass and you will be up and running before you know it because you’re that amazing!! :) You got this!! We are all here for you!

    Lisette on

  • June will be a glorious month and I feel like I’ll be prepared to “Frolic” around town in all my new fashions I’ve stock piled durning quarantine.

    Varina Allpress on

  • This sounds exciting!

    Carly Remington on

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